Kristi Love

Kristi Love, is a fashion and lifestyle influencer known for her avant garde style, chic 'must attend' events and her general expertise in the art of good living. Her professional talents include fashion design, personal/celebrity styling, event design/production, hostessing, lifestyle/popular culture writing and creative direction.  

Her self named collection of women's wear, Kristi Love was established in 1998.  Kristi Love, the collection is a wonderfully eclectic blend of influences from Kristi's colorful upbringing as well as style references from film and art throughout past eras.  Many of her designs are inspired while listening to music and imagining what she'd like to see people wearing at one of her parties.  

A legendary scenester, Kristi Love's name is synonymous with a great party.  She's considered a sort of party sensei.  Always with her finger on the pulse of cool and the next big thing.  Celebrities and jet setters who land in DC are often given her name as the girl to call if you want be in the 'place to be'.  She's even hostessed private parties for "the purple majesty", Prince, at a top secret location of course.  Kristi Love events are a combination of unusual venues, the best DJs, beautiful people and her contagious joie de vie attitude that sets a tone that suggests decadent times of yesteryear.  

Most recently, Kristi Love has become the brainchild behind hit photoblog, Ifuweremyboyfriend.  Ifuweremyboyfriend is a men's fashion and lifestyle photoblog on Instagram that is quickly capturing the attention of followers all over the globe.  Ifuweremyboyfriend is an exciting curated visual display and style guide for any man on how to elevate their style and quality of living.  Using her stylist experience, Kristi shows men that they can be masculine yet fashion forward and lifestyle savvy.